Alzheimer's Care at National Nursing and Rehab

Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common form of dementia, the decline of various mental functions including memory, thinking, and reasoning. It is commonly seen in seniors and elderly. However, in rare causes, it is known as early onset Alzheimer’s when it occurs in younger adults. It leaves an individual feeling confused, often forgetting certain individuals or instances. Alzheimer’s Disease can progress slowly and gets worse over time. Eventually, it leaves an individual unable to perform the simplest of daily tasks.

Living With Alzheimer’s

Living with a family member with Alzheimer’s Disease is an extremely heavy burden, both mentally and physically. Even if a friend or family member has the time to care for an Alzheimer’s patient, the type of care can be quite difficult. The home health care nurses at National Nursing and Rehab understand the need to have an individual that provides quality, attentive medical care to loved ones.

Alzheimer’s Home Nursing Care

National Nursing and Rehab does not just believe in providing top Alzheimer’s care, we also believe in going beyond basic medical needs and building relationships with patients and their families. Having a home care nurse that is a constant companion and caregiver can help give an Alzheimer’s patient stabilization in an otherwise muddled and confusing world.

Home health care gives friends and family members the ability to step back and let a home care nurse provide medical treatment and daily care. From delivering medications to preparing meals and various therapy exercises, the standard of care National Nursing and Rehab provides goes far beyond basic medical requirements.

Unfortunately, there is no cure, but there is continuing research in hopes of finally curing Alzheimer’s Disease. There are various treatments for the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. However, these medications do not stop the inevitable progression of the disease. Until then, the NNR nurses are here to provide quality home care for your loved ones.

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