If you are in or around the Corpus Christi area, National Nursing and Rehab in Corpus Christi would love to offer our services as your adult home health care provider. Home health care is an essential component of health care. When a patient is in the comfortability of their own home, without the stress of daily drives or transits to a medical office, healing time can often be faster and more efficient.

Whether you are a child, adult, or senior, National Nursing and Rehab understands the need to perform daily, or weekly, therapies in the place that you are most comfortable- in the confines of your own home. We understand that this choice is not an easy one, however, it will make your life easier.

The Highest Quality Adult Home Health Care

National Nursing and Rehab’s first location was in Corpus Christi, and we pride ourselves on this fact. Therefore, when it comes to providing the highest quality service to clients, you won’t find a better Corpus Christi adult home health care provider than National Nursing and Rehab. When you choose National Nursing and Rehab as your adult home health care provider in Corpus Christi, we promise it will be a rewarding experience for both the patient and the family. Our methods of care allow the client to feel independent, no matter what setting they are in.

Our therapists, nurses, and caregivers all have access to the newest products and technology in the medical industry. Therefore, we ensure that you are not only receiving a top notch caregiver, but also top notch medical technology.

Our Goals for Our Patients

In our program, our goal is to aid the patient in:

  • Faster healing time
  • Reduction in the time and frequency of dressing changes
  • Increased comfortability by reducing the discomfort associated with open wounds
  • Prevent complications
  • Through education and resources, we are able to Improve patient compliance

We also serve the following locations for Adult home health care:

  • Eagle Pass

  • Lower Rio Grande Valley (Harlingen)

  • San Antonio

For more information, visit our primary Adult Home Health Care page.

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