Having an ill child is one of the hardest experiences a family can go through, especially if your child requires around the clock care. Making weekly, or even daily, trips to the hospital can be both stressful to the family and the child. Having an alternative option for nursing care can not only aid in the healing process, but it can also take a tremendous amount of stress off of receiving medical treatments.

Take The Stress Out Of Pediatric Care

Advances In Medical Equipment

This is where pediatric home nursing care comes into play. With the many medical advances over the years, the amount of pediatric home nursing care available has greatly increased. No longer are there bulky machines that require hospital visits.

Programs, like National Nursing and Rehab’s  pediatric home nursing care, are able to perform many medical treatments that were once only available at the hospital. Medical equipment advances have made many portable medical devices, now allowing many medical treatments and tests to be performed in the comfortability of your own home.

24/7 Home Nursing Care

Having an ailing child is already stressful. This is where National Nursing and Rehab home nursing care comes in, taking some additional pressure off of an already stressful situation. Our licensed therapists and nurses offer complete 24/7 home medical care, so you never have to worry if someone is available.

Pediatric Nursing Care In A Familiar Environment

The level of caring your child will receive through our pediatric home nursing program is second to none. National Nursing and Rehab is dedicated to building lifelong relationships, while providing the finest level of caring. Pediatric home nursing care allows your child to receive medical care in a non stressful, familiar environment, while surrounded by loved ones in the comfort of their own home.

Some of the more common pediatric home nursing care therapies and managements include the following:

  • Complete RN Assessment
  • Private Nursing Care up to 24 Hours/Day
  • Enteral Feedings
  • Respiratory Care
  • Vital Stim Therapy
  • Developmental Disorders

If your child suffers from a chronic disease like asthma or other lung disease, our nursing staff is here to help. We also provide pediatric home health care medical services for more severe disease management including cerebral palsy, cardiac anomalies, and seizure disorders.

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Speak with your referring physician for more information on implementing pediatric nursing care into your child’s life. For more information on the National Nursing and Rehab pediatric home nursing programs, call NNR at 855-463-4584.

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