Physical therapy can be instituted in home health care for a variety of reasons, ranging from post surgical care to everyday movements and maintenance. It is often called PT for short, and it is primarily used in providing back mobility, stability, balance, and strength after a life altering event. It is not a simple task of random movements, but rather focuses on the smallest details and movements in order to provide the proper treatment.

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists are always continuing their education, in order to better understand the human body and the latest techniques in the physical therapy industry. Through continuous education, constant research, and regular consultations, a physical therapist can properly determine the needs of the patient.

Post-surgical physical therapy is very important. Learning how to reuse muscles and tendons, especially in an invasive surgery, is key. Being able to complete these requirements within the comforts of your own home can take the stress and extra time off of a patient’s schedule. Home health care physical therapists provide the same professional services as a physical therapy office. Each of the National Nursing and Rehab physical therapists have gone through rigorous training and selection processes.

Occupational Therapy

Physical therapy is most often combined with Occupational Therapy as well. Occupational therapy is implemented in those patients that may be suffering from a disorder such as:

  • mental
  • physical
  • cognitive

In order to help patients with living as normal a life as possible, occupational and physical therapy helps those patients with disorders to overcome every hurdles. This includes educating the patient and their family, modifying tasks, and teaching new coping skills.

It Takes Time And That’s Okay

One thing to always remember is that physical therapy takes time. It is not a quick process that consists of a few strength movements and stretches. It takes time to heal. Many times, physical therapy may become a part of an individual’s regular routine. This is especially common in older individuals who have minimal movement. Regular physical therapy not only increases movement and flexibility to aid in everyday tasks, but also increase their quality of life.

In home physical therapy allows the NNR therapists to work around your schedule. There is no driving back and forth or trying to find a ride. Therefore, you have more time to focus on what is most important in your physical therapy treatments which is a full recovery.

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