Psychiatric Home Health Care has proven to decrease the number of emergency room visits & avoidable re-hospitalizations.  Hospital readmissions within 30 days for all causes involving psychiatric disorders is 52.8%.  National Nursing & Rehab (NNR) has made discharges from medical facilities more expedient & efficient due to our immediate follow-up services.

Services offered include:

  • Mental status exam & home assessment
  • Education on treatment regimen, disease process, & community resources
  • Observation for re-emergence of psychiatric symptoms
  • Supervision of medication therapy & evaluation of response
  • Lab value monitoring
  • Family & crisis intervention
  • Coordination of full range of medical needs
  • Post ECT monitoring
  • AIMS testing
  • Psychosocial screening

Psychiatric Home Health Care Team

The Bi-lingual Psychiatric Registered Nurse will provide psychiatric & medical evaluations & interventions.
The Medical Social Worker will provide psychosocial evaluation, interventions, & community resource education.
The Occupational Therapist will provide ADL management, energy conservation skills, assistance with daily planning, safety awareness, time management, & cognitive retraining.
The Physical Therapist will provide mobility & coordination evaluation.
The Speech Therapist will provide speech & hearing evaluation & assistance.

Why Use Psychiatric Home Health Care Services?

  • Psychiatric home health care services provides the patient with a smooth transition from a psychiatric hospital or partial hospitalization to home, while continuing delivery of the physician’s plan of care. Healing is promoted due to the sense of security and independence allowed when the patient remains in the home.
  • The services coordinate effective multidisciplinary care through the psychiatric home health care treatment team.
  • The treatment team provides quality intermittent nursing care, medication management, education, as well as meeting the other diverse needs of the homebound patient.
  • Home health care services strive to maintain or return the patient to baseline functioning, reducing length of hospital stay and promoting growth and independence.

The Goals of Psychiatric Home Care Services are:

  • To reduce the need for hospitalization or re-hospitalization of persons who are in an emotional or psychiatric crisis.
  • To facilitate the client’s adjustment to the community and home.
  • To give assistance and resources to families of persons with emotional issues, psychiatric disorders or psychosocial problems.
  • To monitor medication response, health status, mental status, and course of the treatment and disease.
  • To reinforce pre-discharge therapy and psychoeducation.
  • To serve as a community resource to give professional services to clients, family members, professional staff members, and the community.


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