National Nursing and Rehab offers state of the art private nursing care in the home for infants and young children. Most of the home health care private nurses work individually with the client, and all of this is completed inside of the comfort of their own homes. Being able to receive top of the line pediatric nursing care at home takes an extreme amount of stress off of the child. There is no driving from place to place to travel to different doctor’s offices, therapists, or nursing facilities. Your child receives the most advanced, 24 hour home nursing care outside of the confines of a hospital.

It takes an exceptional nurse to treat exceptional children, and you will find nothing less at National Nursing and Rehab. Our hourly, registered nurses are dedicated to providing top care, while building relationships with patients and their families. In order to become a pediatric home care nurse for National Nursing and Rehab, our nurses must have:

Previous, skilled experience Continuous, ongoing training Pass a thorough interview and exam Have a complete background check, along with supplying multiple references

Up To 24 Hours A Day

Some children may only require a few hours of medical care per day, whereas others may need constant, hourly care. The qualified team of registered nurses and therapists at National Nursing and Rehab can be there for your child up to 24 hours a day. Your child will receive all of the care and assistance that they need in order to maintain an enjoyable and independent life. Many children’s requirements change as they age or as a medical complication progresses or gets better. Our home health care nursing staff will be right there with your child, offering premier, personalized medical care that evolves with your child’s needs.

RN Hourly Private Duty Nursing Care Services

Our hourly, in home, private duty registered nurses offer a variety of services, all of which are completed in the comfortable environment of your own home!

Personal Care

Personal care involves a variety of services including, but not limited to: feeding, diets, bathing, dressing, and other hygienic care. They will also teach surrounding family members any personal care tips or dietary needs.

Enteral Feedings

An enteral feeding is the delivery of an extremely nutritional, liquid diet directly into the stomach. This can be completed via feedings by items such as a gastrostomy or a nasogastric tube. After feedings, your registered nurse will clean the area and the feeding device, while also teaching family how to do the same.

IV Care and Maintenance

It is important to ensure that your child is receiving the proper rate of fluids, the right types of IV fluids, and that area is properly cleaned. The pediatric, home health care nurse will also ensure that the IV catheter is still properly placed. The pediatric nurse will also replace the IV catheter, line, or fluid bags.

Dressing Changes

Wounds need proper care and dressing changes, as do any previous surgical incisions. In order to prevent infection, regular dressing changes and cleanings are performed. If able, the nurse may also teach friends and family how to properly dress the area.

Benefits Of A Home Health Care Hourly Private Nurse

The benefits of hiring a home health care pediatric nurse are innumerable. Not only does your child receive the daily medical help that they require, it also leaves parents free to run their daily errands without the fear of leaving the home. Instead of just having a friend or other family member watch your child, you can implement a home care pediatric nurse who has the medical knowledge of properly caring for your child while you are running errands.

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