Senior Home Health Care

National Nursing Rehab recognizes that senior home health care is steadily growing. It has brought new freedom to seniors, allowing elderly individuals to continue living within the comfort of their own homes.

The independence that patients obtain while receiving home health care gives them a sense of gratification. Over the years, research data has shown that senior citizens who receive in home care have a more stable emotional rational, as well as physical health.

For the family and friends having to make medical care decisions, this process can be a sensitive and very delicate matter. Looking into senior home health care at National Nursing Rehab has many benefits for both the patient and their loved ones.

What Does Senior Home Health Care Entail?

The primary benefit for elderly citizens who experience home health care is the level of ease, tranquility, and a familiar environment. On the other end, those who are funding the home health care will end up saving much more, especially in comparison to assisted living or a hospital.

Home Health Care Includes:

  • Medical Care - Consists of medications, medical equipment, therapy, as well as nursing aid.
  • Personal Care - Any assistance needed for daily tasks such as getting dressed, physical assistance, exercise, bathing, and personal hygiene.
  • Dietary Requirements - Meal planning, cooking, and delivery to aid in overall nutritional health.
  • Homemaking - Services such as housekeeping, home repair service, and shopping are just a few services with homemaking.
  • Safety and Social Needs - The certified staff at National Nursing Rehab are not just employees, but they are, more importantly, companions to your loved ones. They also assist in transportation services, program coordination service, and telephone checks.

Although seniors seeking home health care may not require all of the above mentioned services, these are just a small example of what National Nursing and Rehab provides their patients.

The Independence Advantage

One of the best advantages of obtaining senior home health care is the independence and strength they can gain by not feeling as if they are a burden to their loved ones. Independence is something we all strive to maintain in life, and once that has been stripped away, it can leave us feeling defeated.

Senior citizens can find solace knowing that they are still within their home that holds memories, comfort, and all of the daily items that they routinely use. To have all of these luxuries is such a small thing compared to the lasting relationships that are built with the nursing staff. National Nursing Rehab’s employees make a genuinely dedicated effort to establish an authentic loving relationship one on one.

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