National Nursing and Rehab prides ourselves on providing some of Texas’ TOP registered and certified nurses, therapists, and staff. Each one of our clients is not just another face, but a relationship. These ideals are instilled in each staff member - nurse, therapist, or secretary!

Each registered nurse and therapist has to complete a stringent background check, questionnaire, and other employment requirements before being asked to work on the NNR home health care team.

Our goal at National Nursing in Rehab is to provide quality and compassionate care inside the comfortable environment of your own home. By choosing home nursing care, our skilled nurses offer state of the art medical care for a variety of ailments, therapies, and disease management.

What To Expect From NNR’s Skilled Nursing Care

Whether you are needing routine wound care, bandage changes, or in-home physical therapy, our skilled nursing staff is here to guide you through your therapy and/or healing process.

Daily Activities

Some of the most common daily activities, taken for for granted by many, can be the most difficult for someone who is in need of daily nursing care. National Nursing and Rehab provides registered nursing staff that provide meal preparations according to your diet. They can also help with other routine activities such as bathing, dressing, and daily movement. Need help going to the grocery store or shopping? Our skilled therapists and nurses are to help transport you to your store, and they will help you with the shopping process.

Independent Living

Our skilled nursing staff understands the need to still live as independently as possible, without putting a burden on family and friends. Through our skilled nursing programs, NNR is able to take this stress and strain off of both you and your friends and family. We are here to build compassionate relationships, while helping you live your life to the fullest.

Stress Free Medical Care

With all of the medical and technological advances, there is no longer the need to visit a hospital for a variety of routine checkups and care. NNR provides our skilled nurses and therapists with state of the art medical machinery in order to obtain proper test results, IV therapy, blood draws, post surgical care, and even Alzheimer’s Care.

Home Nursing Services

Skilled nursing really contains a variety of services:

  • Medical Care
  • Disease Management
  • Physical Therapy
  • And More!

Learn More!

If you are ready to take the next step in your health care, while still maintaining your independence, ask your doctor if home health care is the right choice for you. Visit our  locations page to find the facility nearest you.  It’s time to start living again!

For more information, contact National Nursing and Rehab at 210-822-0475.