Our Skin

A wound is formed when the skin barrier is broken. The skin is an extremely vital organ, protecting internal muscles, nerves, and organs from infection. Wounds can range from shallow scrapes and abrasions to deep puncture wounds and lacerations. Proper wound care is a necessity, especially when wounds are continual or require extreme maintenance and care. This is where home nursing care for wounds becomes an essential part of wound care.

Types Of Wound Care


Wound care is a common part of home health care services offered by National Nursing and Rehab. Examples of common wound care include patients who have previously had surgery, and they have already been discharged from the hospital. This type of surgical wound care involves patients with wounds that are slow healing. Continued wound care post surgery is imperative in order to prevent infections, increase healing time, and preventing further complications.

Diabetic Or Other Conditions

There is also home wound care for patients suffering from diabetes or suffer from continual open wounds or sores due to a medical condition. In order to keep chronic wounds or sores from festering, expanding, or becoming infected, the NNR home health care nurses will clean wounds, change bandages, and apply proper medications.

Wound Care Training

In addition to the nurse providing wound care, the patient and family members will also be trained on proper wound care, in the case that the nurse is unavailable. Each patient receives an individual treatment plan completely customized to their specific type of wound. The National Nursing and Rehab nursing and care staff are dedicated to providing unparalleled care, while allowing you, or your loved one, to live a healthy and independent life at home.

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