Bring Pediatric Healthcare to Your Doorstep with National Nursing and Rehab

Pediatric Home Care in Texas

There is no place like home, and doctors agree that patients, whether adults or children, recover better when they are allowed to be at home and live in their comfortable surroundings. Whether your child has had a surgery or is recovering from an illness, or just simply needing help in performing his daily activities, you can opt for the services of pediatric home health care. Your child can get the best medical treatments in the comfort of his or her own home.

National Nursing and Rehab provides a number of locations of healthcare facilities throughout Texas that provide both adult and pediatric home health care. In the comforts of their own home, Registered Nurse (RN) takes complete care of the person in need of their services.

Pediatric home health care services are also availed by parents of disabled or mentally disabled children so that their child can perform their day to day activities efficiently, with the help of a caregiver.

Registered Nurses, Therapists, and Caregivers

Our registered nurses are qualified and certified to provide care and assistance to children with a number of different ailments and medical problems. Opting for a caregiver that can come to your home is a good way of ensuring that your child is able to make a speedy recovery and is able to get the help he deserves through the use of pediatric home health care.

What Do We Provide?

Most health care providers, like National Nursing and Rehab, will perform the following pediatric home health care services. The only difference is that National Nursing and Rehab performs the following in the environment of your home.

  • Therapies, including physical, occupational and speech therapies to speed up your child’s recovery and improve his medical condition
  • Skilled nurses that can provide the best care to their patients, leaving you with no complaints about their service
  • Caring for patients with breathing problems, such as: asthma, lung diseases and other illnesses related to the respiratory tract
  • Providing assistance and help to ailing children who are recovering from injury or surgical procedures
  • Timely and punctual nursing visits to your home to take ensure that your child is well and cared for
  • Providing moral, psychological and social support to your child so that he can become a valuable part of the community without feeling abandoned
  • Nurses that are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so that your child has the best care at all times
  • Children having cerebral palsy, seizures and cardiac problems are also often left in the caring hands of Registered Nurses, as they are especially trained to deal with all sorts of medical conditions

Regardless of the medical condition of your child, if you want high quality of pediatric home nursing care for them, Contact National Nursing and Rehab to find the best caregivers for your loved one. We are happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

National Nursing and Rehab provides pediatric home health care to the following locations around Texas:

  • Austin Pediatric Care
  • Eagle Pass Pediatric Care
  • Corpus Christi Pediatric Care
  • Lower Rio Grande Valley Pediatric Care
  • San Antonio Pediatric Care
  • Temple Pediatric Care
  • Upper Rio Grande Valley Pediatric Care